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Once in a life time opportunity !!

Global SAP Career Opportunities Oct 2023

8th October 2023, Online (11 a.m. EST / 9:30 p.m. IST)

Unlock Your Future and Enhance your Skills:

Seminar on Global SAP Career Opportunities

Do you know that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an impressive 8.8 percent employment growth in SAP from 2019 to 2028? An astounding 80% of Fortune 500 companies rely on SAP solutions, making it a vital component for all process-driven organizations. 

Step into the Global SAP Career Landscape Online, where innovation and collaboration thrive in the digital sphere. Our dynamic platform serves as a bustling epicenter for SAP enthusiasts, seasoned professionals, and visionary leaders worldwide. Here, you'll unearth a realm of prospects to explore the latest industry trends, top-notch practices, and groundbreaking SAP solutions. Whether you're a seasoned SAP expert or embarking on your SAP journey, our events offer an exclusive arena for networking, learning, and knowledge exchange. Come embark on a journey with us as we chart the ever-evolving course of SAP, forging connections and propelling advancement in the world of enterprise careers.

Event Speakers

Experts, visionaries, and thought leaders sharing knowledge, inspiring change, and igniting discussions. Don't miss out!

A. Sharma

SAP Finance and Logistics Expert

A. Joshi

SAP and HR Professional

Dr. S. Mukherjee

Data Science Expert

Event Schedule

Zoom meeting schedule: Timely sessions, engaging content, networking opportunities, don't miss out!


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  • Career Guidance from the SAP Experts from two Decades of Industry Experience
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  • Global SAP Career Opportunities
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